Chimney repairs to match the style of your property

Older properties in particular often need repairs to the roof, gutters and downpipes.

It is important that all work carried out matches the style and look of your property and is completed to the highest standard to provide ongoing protection from the elements.

The Galloway Building and Restoration Company specialises in the repair and restoration of older properties as well as new builds.

Chimneys are often the most exposed part of a property. Over time, pointing and weather flaunching can fail, allowing rain and frost to penetrate and degenerate the stack. If neglected, the stack will eventually become unsafe and dangerous.

If spotted in time, new weather flaunching and pointing will extend the longevity of the stack, but from time to time, it may be necessary to rebuild the stack in order to ensure its permanence.

We offer a complete chimney repair and restoration service.

A new chimney will not only enhance the functionality of your property, but will also improve the way it looks externally.

We also offer:

  • gutter and downpipe replacement
  • re-slating
  • re-pointing
  • new fascias and soffits.

We benefit from many referrals and repeat business from our local customers where our reputation is built on the quality of our workmanship on every job we undertake.

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