Timber sash and case window repair and replacement specialists

Galloway Building and Restoration specialises in the refurbishment and replacement of traditional timber sash and case and casement windows throughout Dumfries and Galloway, Edinburgh, the Borders, Carlisle and the Lake District.

A sash and case window is two timber-framed sashes held inside a timber box casement, moving vertically by a system of pulleys and weights. We operate traditional methods, using the traditional pulley and weight system as opposed to spring balances.




Refurbishment (where we take your existing sash and case window and give it new life) consists of:

  • stripping all existing paint to reveal any rot or hidden damages, doing all necessary repair work, replacing sections of the window if beyond repair, preparing the sashes and casement for a paint finish;
  • replacing panes of glass which are cracked or broken and re-puttying any sections, if required;
  • installing all new ironmongery in brass, chrome or satin finish, along with options of sash lifts, handles, bars, fasteners, etc.;
  • re-weighing existing sashes and adding more or less weight to ensure an easy flowing window;
  • removing all parting beads and baton rods and installing new ones with draught-proof brush strip installed to ensure a sealed and efficient window;
  • we can also install an easy-clean system allowing the sash to swing into the room, a traditional method used for cleaning windows;
  • re-pointing the outside of the window using waterproof sand mastic to create a weatherproof seal;
  • new sash and casement double glazed / single glazed units.

Timber sash and case window repair and replacement specialists

We use similar methods for double glazed upgrades; however, we install a complete replica sash from your original with double glazed glass units installed into your existing casement, thus keeping the feel of the original building while simultaneously ensuring a highly efficient heat retention unit.

We look at all the original features of your window including horns, astragals and profile and then manufacture the exact replica in either double or single glazed glass.